von S.O.U.L. Purpose

[VERSE 1:]
Fight the powers that be, gotta get this,
Wreckless, got a checklist when I wet kids.
Think before you get in the way.
Ain't no exception, sure you can lay.
Infectious, yet the freshest, and I'm restless.
Check this! What you messin' with is a death wish.
Best get ready, cause you can't stop mine,
Chain saw, stop sign on your back, blind side.
Role like a tank,
Hit like a tank,
Laugh all the way w/ the money to the bank.
Crush, kill, destroy opponents.
I'm a survivor, only component.
Zonin', gotta make it to the next mornin'.
Roamin', seein' who I gonna hit. Hone in,
Pinpoint accurate laser aim,
In the system, but I ain't playin' games!

S to the U to the R to the V to the I to the V to the A to the L,
De-fense beam through,
De-fense beam through...

[VERSE 2:]
To the victor goes the spoils.
Walkin' thermometer, blood'll boil,
Down. I'mma ride,
And I don't hide.
Rock to the death, I will survive.
You don't wanna get a little taste of Jack, so face the facts, he breakin'
Backs with shake attacks.
Full frontal, run through, hittin' 1,2.
3,4 down at the same time.
Be damned if I lose and they try to take mine.
Gotta get cash, C.O.D. on arrival.
I will take your spot and your title.
Rifle blast ya',
Strike like asthma.
Gimme my space, YEAH!
Fight cause I haveta,
So I'mma slash ya.
If you wanna chase, YEAH!
I won't leave a trace, YEAH!




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1 - 2 Spieler
Nintendo Wii
20. März 2009
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