von Ox

(Let's go!)
And we gon’ ride! (We gon’)
And we gon’ ride! (We gon’)
And we gon’ ride! (We gon’)
And we gon’ ride!

[VERSE 1:]
And they saying he the best to get it.
He don't spit it, he reliving his life with it.
He don't pivot, he straight line of sight with it.
He never dull, he rhyme edge of the knife with it.
Yeah, and he past trying to price it.
It’s way out of your range. If y'all like this,
Just cut a check for the price of your life
and maybe I can get you a little something on a license.
It’s… Been a long time coming.
The squad ready, the whole world is humming.
He so deadly with it, but so young
That it’s damn near impossile to see him coming.
Until you see them lames running.
Trying to get out of the way of the gunning.
It's shots fired when the dude get a mic,
And soon as you catch a line, boy, that heart rate plummet!


[VERSE 2:]
Pay attention, my dude, we on that real talk.
It’s dope beats, hot lines, when the real walk.
The style is different though, I thought it necessary.
The flex words, and I’ve been known to show the flow varies.
Yeah, so rock with it, gotta use your mind.
I'm kinda nice with words, boy. I’m on the grind.
It's heavy hitting time and the dude is up to bat.
It's guaranteed yard, every line break a back, back.
And when they scream in a state of cool,
I stand tall throwing heat at them until they fall.
Or ‘til they call me off, but I'm ignoring that.
A soldier for the battle, just show me where it’s at.
And watch me lay ‘em down. See, we don't play around.
We move and how we feel and get hits by the pound.
The flow got me gone off them tracks, man.
It's live wire, shit they let it back, man.




We gon’... Ride!

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Nintendo Wii
20. März 2009
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