Crimson Rain

von Ox

[VERSE 1:]
The beast is here, the monster's alive.
The end is near, no time to survive .
It’s over... It's over ...
The sand has stopped. You ran out of time.
Now, now... If I was you,
I might just watch my head.
Cause if you can't keep them eyes open, you gon’ end up… dead.
The ground cold and heavy than a muthafucka.
Ain't no way that you getting up out of that.
And the chainsaw pack a lil’ punch.
I could hit you in the front and knock a hole out your back.
And they wonder how my soul got so black.
The same way that a heart rate fades.
The same way that a man will stop breathing
If you put a hole in his chest with a blade.

I'll bless your mind with my spade.
I'll show you to your last day.
I'll guarantee you'll beg for death when I deliver this pain.
I'll give you something to die for, baby, let's go insane.
And we can paint the town red, now show me that Crimson Rain.

[VERSE 2:]
And the toll continues to rise.
Now the coroner's pushing a new ride.
Something foreign with them real big wheels,
I guess that body bag duty got him doing alright.
And we gonna keep them clients coming
Till it ain't no more room.
Until they break from trying to hold them,
Cause the cant take the fumes.
Yes, sir, it’s murder time. (It’s murder time.)
It’s time to let go.
Let's make it hurt this time. (It hurts this time.)
Let's give ‘em some more.
I need them to see me coming.
I need them to run in fear.
I need them to think they got away,
Just to find that I'm here.



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1 - 2 Spieler
Nintendo Wii
20. März 2009
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