Look Pimpin!

von Sick YG

[VERSE 1:]
You see my swag.
Now you wanna come and give me all this drag.
I think you better back, back.
Because my hand is itching to give you a smack.
What's your name again, Jack?
It's the end of the road, ain't no turning back.
Don't let the fly taste fool you.
Matter of fact, it's about time that I school you.
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry.
I don't even wanna get my fresh gear dirty.
A little birdie chirped of your flurry.
Now I must nip it, or better yet bury
Your entity. Look at me while I'm talking
I heard you lurking or was it even stalking
My program, thinking you're the man in the place.
Now it's about time you catch a hand to the face.

Look Pimpin', I ain't playing.
In a minute you're gonna be laying
On the ground. I ain't messing around.
My city, my rules, my money, my town!

[VERSE 2:]
Brim tilted, coat quilted.
Fresh to death, literally I do kill it.
Blood spilleth in this game of death.
Yeah, you can hear the announcer but ain't no ref.
I just kept hearing your name too much.
And that's it, now I just came to touch...
Your backbone with a boot, a cane to the tooth.
It don't take much now, ain't that the truth?
My boo got a thing for you.
She really loves money, but the pain will do.
You can't hang, you a featherweight.
I can't believe that you made it this far. It'll never take
a lot of work to make you levitate.
I strike first. Don't hesitate to populate the murder rate.
You just sealed your fate.
On the holidays that'll be one less plate.




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1 - 2 Spieler
Nintendo Wii
20. März 2009
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