von Doujah Raze

Doujah Raze... Let's see who the craziest is!

[VERSE 1:]
See the day turn into night.
See the blackness, where's the white?
Through the darkness there's the light.
Full moon, you're consumed, now you're terrified.
Hear the cries from the castle,
Cold stones ache and the moans start to grab you.
You can feel ‘em shake, you can feel ‘em bash you.
Bones start to break and your heart starts to craaaaaaaaaaaaash.
Will it be your last breath?
Will it be your last move?
Will it be your last step? (Step)
Don't step too close.
Or else it’s gonna make a mess when your chest explodes

Yea don't the full moon make you go Crazy? (crazy crazy crazy)
Caught up in a maze, dark and twisted
Let's see who the craziest is!

[VERSE 2:]
Nah, we ain't finished yet.
And nah, you ain't win this yet.
You ain't even built a sweat.
Time to handle business – ready, set...
Turn it up a notch, what do ya got?
Would you put two in your gut just to put one in my knot?
Two in my heart, three in my soul:
I wanna feel that steel.
I wanna feel that cold.
Feel it burn, feel it inside me.
You ain't crazier, but you can try to be/
C'mon try it now, howl at the moon.
Tear your eyes out, let the dark shower you, power you!




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1 - 2 Spieler
Nintendo Wii
20. März 2009
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