Ain't That Funny

von Sick YG

He's Back!

You die, I get paid.
More cash surviving this game.
It's crazy. I get more money
By killing these fools. Now ain't that funny?

[VERSE 1:]
Look around, tell me what do you see?
A lunatic, now get like me.
It's a wrap by the count of three,
And it's all being filmed on Shock TV.
You ask me, I'mma do my best
To rip through your chest mangle your flesh.
Dangle your neck, fatten my check.
I don't really care if I got your respect.
I just slaughter, don't be bothered.
Watch where you step, it might be hot water.
You ought to pay me, now.
'Cause right now it's about to go down!


[VERSE 2:]
Jack, Jack.
He's a psycho maniac.
That's right. It's death on sight.
It don't matter who's wrong or right.
I just might catch you slipping.
Getting paid is my intuition
And my ambition is to put the city under siege.
More death, more cheese.
Got to get the paper. Meet your maker.
In these parts I'm the undertaker.
And ain't no shortage, I can't be laid off.
In fact rest in chaos!



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1 - 2 Spieler
Nintendo Wii
20. März 2009
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