von Doujah Raze

Doujah Raze...

[VERSE 1:]
Are you ready for it? Are you ready to ride?
When the time comes will you be ready to die?
Will you fight for your life? Will you go down hard?
Will you put it on the line? Will we pull your card?
Oh you ain't seen it like this before... NO!
You never tried to cut your wrist before... NO!
You never thought you would be in this... HOLE!
And you ain't got a choice, only one way to go
To the heart of it... So get it up and get it started.
It's too late to try and turn around, you're already a part of it.
I got soldiers looking for you.
Hunting for you. Gunning for you.
And they ain't got no soul, they just got that taste
For some blood and the look on your face. C'mon!

Its a mad, mad world and you're caught in the game.
You put your life on the line.
I put a hole in your brain.
Yeah the rules are all mine.
They might make you insane.
In this mad, mad world
Yeah, it’s where you remain. (Mad World)

[VERSE 2:]
I'm on the death watch, and it ain't gonna stop
‘Til your neck go snap and your back go pop.
Throw the rocks now, you're ready to roll.
Show the block that you’re heavy and cold.
If you want we can end it with the quickness.
You're already infected with the sickness.
You can't take no more?
You don't want the brain matter and the blood to make you shake no more?
C'mon, Jack, I know you're better than that.
I know where you keep your enemies at.
But that won't work in my world. It’s a bad world. This is mad world!
So take care when you traveling.
Or catch a stop sign through the face just like a javelin.
10,000 on your head. Take a wrong turn... Wind up dead in mad world!




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1 - 2 Spieler
Nintendo Wii
20. März 2009
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